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I love to watch videos that teach me how to be awesome! That kind of movie is so cool! Weasel Breath proudly presents the following videos for your enjoyment.

This is weasel breath. Weasel breath is a comic strip/cartoon character who has also starred in some live action cross-over videos.  He enjoys watchin animation and cartoons.

Weasel Breath teaches us How to Stunt in his insightful instructional video series.

most recently updated weasel breath videos    

Updated April 12, 2011
Pink Bullets by the Shins

Updated June 2, 2010
Hoppity Hooper

Updated Sept. 29, 2009
'Draw" by Bare Naked Ladies

Updated July 31, 2009
Flushing Meadow

Updated July 2, 2009
Stickmen Save the Princess

Updated May 4, 2009
Amphibious Vehicular Love

Updated March 23, 2009
Gator Skate-By

Updated March 11, 2009
Life in a Video Game

Updated Feb 16, 2009
Bangin' Beats w/ a Fork and Knife

Updated Jan 24, 2009
'Parachuter's Love Song' by the Pangs

Updated Jan 8, 2009
The Littlest Hero: Doodlez

Updated Dec 18, 2008
'Heroes' by Twiggy Frostbite

Updated Dec 2, 2008
Dexter, Jump Over Me!

Updated Nov 20, 2008
Steps to Creative Thinking

Updated Oct 21, 2008
Joe Vs. Joe : The Plumber vs. The Six-Pack

Updated Oct 13, 2008
The Naked Gecko

Updated Oct 6, 2008
Everyone Falls at Work

Updated Sept 11, 2008
The Bird & The Owl

Updated August 26, 2008
Hard to Be a Storm Trooper

Updated August 21, 2008
Dancing George W. Bush

Updated July 24, 2008
Why Gooses Fly

Updated July 14, 2008
Knight vs. Knight: TI-86 Animation

Updated July 4, 2008
Stuper Mario Bros

Updated June 26, 2008
Evolution Animated

Updated June 20, 2008
Negative Effects of Alcohol

Updated June 10, 2008
Bobble & Sqweek

Updated May 14, 2008
Monsters Under the Bed

Updated April 18, 2008
How To Put a Square Peg Into a Round Hole

Updated March 27, 2008
The Rage of Mr. Gung-Ho

Updated March 19, 2008
A Frog's Life

Updated March 11, 2008
Crazy Samurai Cat

Updated Feb 29, 2008
Locate the Pieces

Updated Feb 18, 2008
TV Trap

Updated Feb 9, 2008
PK Granny: Parkour Cartoon

Updated Jan 28, 2008
It's Hard to be a Stormtrooper

Updated Jan 14, 2008
Sticky Relationship

Updated Jan 4, 2008

Updated Dec 13, 2007
Sleeping Beauty Cartoon

Updated Dec 13, 2007
Sleeping Beauty Cartoon

Updated Nov 27, 2007
The Yellow Ones: Watch Out!

Updated Nov 14, 2007
Blue Guy vs. Red Guy

Updated Oct 15, 2007
Love Me Like
You Used To

Updated August 28, 2007
Male Restroom Etiquette

Updated August 9, 2007
Chicken Race Cartoon

Updated August 1, 2007
Kung Fu Bunny

Updated July 25, 2007
Boogie Bunny

Updated June 30, 2007
Bloody Lego Ninja Fight

Updated June 22, 2007
Escaping Carousel Elephant

Updated June 5, 2007
What's In the Box?

Updated April 18, 2007
Two Chalk Thieves

Updated Feb. 2, 2007
A Surprise Bear Hug

Updated Sept. 8, 2006
Ninja Summer Job Tips

Updated Sept. 5, 2006
Cat w/ Itchy Butt

Updated August 22, 2006
Darth Vader Was a Ninja

Updated June 8, 2006
Little Dolls of Communism

Updated Apr. 07, 2006
The Easter Bunny
Hates You

Updated Apr. 06, 2006
Two Cool Cats
Kona and Hilo

Updated Feb 18, 2006
Cocky Snowboarder
Loses Gold Medal

The Real South Bronx

Statistically Speaking

Rooster's Brawl

Board Stiff

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I Love New York T-Shirt
I Love New York Shirts
I Love New York Shirt
I Love NY T-Shirts
I Love NY T-Shirt
I Love NY Shirts
Awesome Videos
I Love NY Shirt
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