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Crude drawings are not a turn-off right?  I mean you still love me even though my humor is really random, and these stories come out of nowhere, eh?  By 'crude' drawings I mean they are crudely drawn, not that the content of the drawings are crude!
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This site is a resource
for comic weasels and
real life weasels alike!

So use wisely!

Updated June 2, 2010
Hoppity Hooper

Updated Apr. 19, 2010
Weasel Advice for Your Hair

Updated Jan. 27, 2010
Single-Handedly Advising You

Updated Sept. 29, 2009
'Draw" by Bare Naked Ladies

Updated July 31, 2009
Flushing Meadow

Updated July 2, 2009
Stickmen Save the Princess

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