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Weasels Aren't Shy!
Weasel Breath Advice!
June 28, 2006

Don't fall into the assumption that all quiet people are quiet because they are shy. There is a good chance that some of those people are really mean, but have taken to heart the saying "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." My advice is to do what I do when I meet a quiet person - preemptively punch them in the face so they don't think bad thoughts about you!

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Weasel Breath is a nice dude, with some nice dreams!  He is a very social guy!

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I Love New York T-Shirts
I Love New York T-Shirt
I Love New York Shirts
I Love New York Shirt
I Love NY T-Shirts
I Love NY T-Shirt
I Love NY Shirts
Awesome Videos
I Love NY Shirt
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