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Toilet Seat Etiquette
Weasel Breath Advice!
January 19, 2007

Ladies who live in a female dominated household, take my advice and don't get so uptight when the toilet seat is not put down again by your man. But don't take my word for it. Listen to the words of women from male dominated households, "Just be happy when the toilet seat goes up in the first place, trust me."

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Male Restroom Etiquette

Did you know that cartoon characters do not need to use the bathroom?  It is true, that  is a requirement of humans.

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I Love New York T-Shirts
I Love New York T-Shirt
I Love New York Shirts
I Love New York Shirt
I Love NY T-Shirts
I Love NY T-Shirt
I Love NY Shirts
Awesome Videos
I Love NY Shirt
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