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Weasels Love Brunch
Weasel Breath Advice!
August 11, 2006

When referring to that meal between breakfast and lunch, take my advice and stick to the term "brunch." For a while I thought I had a winner on my hands calling it "luneakfast," but then when everyone kept thinking I was talking about the annual French-Canadian Neck Fetish Festival "Le Neck Fest," I was forced to admit defeat and revert to the use of the name "brunch."

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Weasel Breath loves a good daily brunch, nestled right between his daily breakfast and daily lunch.

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I Love New York T-Shirts
I Love New York T-Shirt
I Love New York Shirts
I Love New York Shirt
I Love NY T-Shirts
I Love NY T-Shirt
I Love NY Shirts
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I Love NY Shirt
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